Automation - REST API

MatrixALM/QMS has a REST API that can do everything that the application is doing.

In fact, the whole UI goes exclusively through that API to access Matrix. So you have a doubt about one of the REST API methods, you can spy on the UI to see which calls it does.

The API is described on Swagger here

If you want to use it on your instance, you need to create an account on a service that supports the use of OpenAPI 3.0 specifications, for example swagger.

Then you copy the whole definition text and you just change the following line:

- url: ''

to map it to your instance.

To consume the API you need to authenticate through a token: you can create one through Matrix. 

You then just need to authenticate by entering

Token yourtoken

into the Authenticate dialog of swagger. Alternatively, you can use the Basic authentication with your user and password.

You are ready to use all the APIs directly as soon as these steps are done!

If you have comments about the above please reach our support.