Automation - Server Hooks

Obsolete - there are now two new methods for automation:

  • A native slack integration
  • Generic rest change triggers

If you want to add some automation triggered by some events in Matrix we provide a general mechanism that allows you to trigger some automation on events such as:

  • an item has been created
  • a document has been signed
  • someone logged in
  • ...

In order to set this up, you have first need to talk to us so that we add some settings server-side.

Then you can add a setting called "zapier" in the project setting and containing this:


Note that the name of the setting is always zapier even if you are actually using another service than Zapier.

When this is done Matrix will POST the following JSON object to the above URLs


If you want to implement the above in Zapier, you have to set up a ZAP like this:

Create a new zap

Choose Webhooks by Zapier

Select "Catch Hook"

Meaning you want to receive information from Matrix

Don't fill out the next form (Pick off a Child Key) 

  • Just leave the field empty and click Continue

Pick a sample to set up your Zap

  • Copy the url from that section and put it in the Zapier project setting in Matrix (see above zapierUrl).
  • Save the setting
  • Refresh the client / load the project for which Zapier has been configured
  • Modify an item in that project
  • Click on the OK, I did this button

You should see a result page with the change send from Matrix

  • Click Continue


Choose an action app

  • This example continues using slack

Select Slack Action

  • e.g. send some information to a channel

Connect to Slack

  • and Continue

Fill Out the Message form and continue

Activate your Zap

You should be all done: if you change something in the matrix project, you should see a message in slack.

Other Options

You can change or filter on the payload above and only send some emails or Hipchat or Slack ... 


The list of events we support is here:

  • login_ok
  • login_fail
  • item_created
  • item_edited
  • item_deleted
  • project_created
  • project_deleted
  • project_modified
  • sign_created
  • sign_signed_partial
  • sign_signed_full
  • publish (for MatrixQMS)