Risk Assessment Configuration Options

There are currently three methods to quantify a risk:

  • by multiplying the weights (like probability and severity)
  • by adding the weights
  • by using a lookup table

A) Simple multiplication or addition of weights

The first two methods allow to specify two threshold values to color the result depending on the sum or product.

B) Lookup tables

The lookup tables allow you to specify more complex distributions of risks

The look up tables configuration consist of  two parts

  1. the actual lookup table where you can define what the result of any combination of weight is
  2. the risk zones table where you can define a visual representation of risk priority numbers depending on the final value

Risk Zones

the risk zones have 5 parameters

  • Zone id: a simple id consisting of characters and digits, this is used in the lookup table to select the risk zone for each combination of weights
  • Zone text: that's the text displayed
  • Colors: colors on the screen and in reports

Lookup Table

The lookup table contains one line for each combination of weights. For each weight you can select the zone (for the visual representation) and the modify text displayed for the combination.

Note: if you have many different combinations of weight, we can generate this table based on a google sheet we share with you. Just contact us through our support channel and we get back to you.