Tips and Tricks


  • Enable auto save: If enabled, items will be automatically saved if you navigate away from the items. To enable, click on your user name in the top right, than on Preferences to see the option.
  • Server search with auto-expand: enter a search expression and double click on the search icon. This will perform a search on the server and open the tree to show all search results.
  • Item Preview: with the SHIFT key pressed hover with mouse pointer  over Matrix Requirement IDs and (for example in tree or in the reference dialog) to see a preview of the items.
  • File attachments: either you can use a dedicated file attachment field or just drag and drop files into the rich text editor (also for tables)

Keyboard shortcuts

  • CTRL-s to save items
  • Keyboard navigation in the tree: cursor keys, space to load an item
  • Keyboard navigation in table controls:
    • TAB: next editable cell
    • SHIFT-TAB: back 
    • CTRL-ENTER: down
    • ESC: cancel edit
    • SHIFT-ENTER in table text fields: opens rich text editor
  • Keyboard controls in test result tables (default setup):
    • p: passed
    • f: failed
    • d: documentation
    • r: reset
  • Rich text editor
    • CTRL-i: italic
    • CTRL-b: bold