Live Content

Live content blocks can be used to retrieve data from the database and render it in specific way in the document. There are several pre-configured live content blocks

  • List of item references: a list of item references, as tree or flat list
  • List of external references: a list of references to an external system, e.g. JIRA
  • List of items: a list of items: e.g. requirements
    • There are two options to select the items in this list:
      • Using the Select button and select the items 
      • Using an mrql search. To do this, go to the configuration options of this field and enter the mrql search 


  • Table with downtraces: a trace table
  • Table with uptraces: a trace table
  • Test Results: test results for selected items (includes a traceability from item to executed tests), as tree or table
  • Risk Analysis: to include a risk analysis in a tabular form
  • Table of items with fields: to print items in a tabular form with specific fields appearing in columns
  • Trace Matrix: to see full traceability between items from different categories
  • Items Derived From: to see items based on the traceability rules
  • Design Reviews: results of design reviews

It is possible to create new or customized live content blocks, see Controlled Documents Customization