Static Content

Static content contains text which you enter and change manually whenever needed, examples are

  • Audit trail: a table with can be used to keep a change log of the document
  • Remarks / spacer: a section which renders just some empty space with lines, e.g. for handwritten remarks
  • Signature box: a box for electronic signatures
  • Responsibilities: a table with responsibilities (e.g. for a SOP)
  • Text block: a text block (e.g. for purpose and scope)
  • Text line: a line of text (e.g. for a version number)
  • Checkbox: a checkbox field
  • (Multi-) Select: a section using a predefined drop down to select one of the options
  • Date: a date field

It is possible to define other reusable static text elements, e.g. custom tables (see Controlled Documents Customization)