List of item references

Choosing the content

The list item references renders like table of content of items. The items to be included can be chosen by clicking on the Select Items button. For example

renders a flat list or tree of all items in the requirements folder:


There are several options on how items are rendered

Option (defaults in bold)


Show folders and items (as complete tree)Shows all items in the selected folders and selected items
→ Show only items (as flat list, no folders)Shows all items in selected folders and selected items
→ Show selected input onlyShows just the selected items, no children
→ Show folder and items (hide empty folders)Shows the trees as it is in the default option, but empty folders are not shown
Add a reference to included items to table of contentIf a table of content section is present it will contain the shown items. See Table of Contents for required options.

See also Common Document Section Options.