Getting started

NEW 2.0


Done by Matrix Requirements. By default there should be 4 projects in a QMS folder in the project menu.

  • QMS: contains the processes
  • QMS_FILE: will later hold records of using the QMS
  • HR_FILE: will later hold records of HR department
  • CAPA: will contain records of corrective and preventive actions


  • Give users access rights
    • Only a person with administrator rights can add users and change their access rights
    • QMS project: assign
      • Read/write: for people that need to create/change different processes, risks, working instructions, etc.
      • Read-only: for people who should see, review/approve processes in matrix
      • QMS Viewer: for people who should only have access to the LiveQMS webpage
    • In admin client select the Labels setting and specify who can do reviews
  • Give Publishing rights
    • This can be done in the admin client
    • Category settings
    • QMS Publishing
  • Review and update roles in project
    • Details: admin-client QMS project
    • Fix two drop downs
    • Copy dropdowns to HR_FILE
  • Review and update SOP
    • Normally SOPs should be good to start with so this can be adjusted later
    • To change go to admin client and adjust labels
  • Update Placeholders
    • Select an Item, e.g. PROC-1
    • Put the mouse into the process description field select and edit the Rich Text Replacements for TheCompany

Look at the following videos to see how to:

Updates + Creation of Processes

  • Next you should review (all) processes
    • Do they explain well what you do?
    • Are there any placeholders, like please verify / please specify?
    • Once they are good enough set the review label
  • Once you have reviewed all processes of one or more SOPs you can publish them by clicking on the PUB category
  • Next you should create a list of processes which are essential for you business type and products
    • Add the processes to in the folder where they fit best
    • Assign them to a SOP
  • You need to perform a risk analysis to identify additional risks.
  • You might need / want to define work instructions for your staff.
  • Once the processes have been written the processes can be reviewed by someone who can apply an electronic signature for approval